“This is our condom of choice. For both of us, this one feels like there’s nothing there. According to my partner, this is the closest to wearing nothing that he’s felt.”

How to date while we’re all social distancing

Dating during the coronavirus pandemic is proving to be a… well… ‘interesting’ experience. Gone are our days of sending a few messages and then meeting for a quick coffee or drink to see if there’s a spark.

Dating apps are reporting a significant increase in matches and messaging with so many of us in some form of lockdown. But what happens next? How do you keep things interesting with someone you won’t get to see for weeks? We’re yet to see how this is going to impact dating and relationships.


There’s a chance this could mean getting to know someone better and having a real connection before you meet in person. Of course, it might also mean a lot of hours talking to someone and then finding out you don’t have chemistry when you finally meet.

While my friend Abby’s recent Tinder match tried to convince her they could meet and have sex without kissing, breathing on each other or facing each other (he got left on read) we’d prefer you prioritise your safety – and that of others and keep your dating experiences in line with social distancing guidelines.

Here are some fun ways to date during the pandemic – and still adhere to social distancing.

Meet for a video date

70% of users on dating app Hinge said they’d be up for a virtual date. Many dating apps have their own built in video function and you can use apps like Skype or Zoom. Move to video chat to see if there’s a spark.

Meet for ‘drinks’

A virtual date doesn’t need to feel like a work meeting. Plan a time after work when you can sit down with a drink and get to know each other a little better – over Zoom. If the conversation isn’t flowing, there’s no pressure to stay for a second round.

Order each other a meal

I caught an awful flu just after I started dating someone a couple of years ago. We were messaging when suddenly he went quiet. He then messaged to ask for my address. He’d ordered chicken soup from his favourite restaurant and was arranging for them to deliver it to me. The relationship didn’t last, but I still appreciated his gesture.

Order Uber eats to each other’s place. Add a twist that neither of you knows what the other has ordered.

Cook the same recipe – and compare notes

Add fun (and a bit of competition) to your date by suggesting you each cook the same meal. Video call each other while you’re cooking and compare results afterwards.

Send each other a care package

Brittany recently made her new Bae an ‘isolation survival kit’ and had it delivered to him via Uber. It contained snacks, wine, a canvas and paints so they could take an online art class together. From the comfort of their individual living rooms.

Try the 36 questions

Have you heard of ‘the 36 questions’ before? They were created by a psychologist who believed that if people ask each other these 36 questions, they’re almost guaranteed to fall in love.

Regardless of whether they spark true love for you, the questions are a great way to get to know each other better.

Play a game online

The social app Houseparty offers their own inbuilt online games, including Heads Up and an app-friendly version of Pictionary. You can play together – or even invite some friends to make a double-date of it. You could also try online trivia or go back to an old favourite like Words with Friends.

Exercise together

If you’ve found you still live relatively close to each other, in most places, we’re still allowed out to exercise. You could meet at a local park and go for a walk together. Just be sure to keep to 1.5 metres apart and stick to any time limits that apply where you are. (Okay, not ideal, but it’s something!)

You could also take an online yoga class together or take each other through a workout.

Watch an online DJ together

D.J. D-Nice kickstarted live streaming parties and now runs ‘Club Quarantine’ every week. Plenty of artists and DJ’s around the globe have followed suit keeping us entertained with free sets and dance parties. Listen in to a set together or introduce each other to an artist you like.

Watch a movie together – with Netflix Party

Granted, it’s not the same as cuddling up on the couch together, but Netflix Party is a great alternative right now. You watch the movie at exactly the same time, with a chat function on the side.

Try phone (or video) sex

You might not be able to get intimate in person right now, but you could take your connection to the next level with digital intimacy.

It’s a great way to keep your connection fun, playful and sexy – even if you can’t see each other in person. It can also give you some great ideas to explore when you are finally able to meet each other.

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