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Life comes at you fast, right? When you’re in the moment, you’ll want to be ready. Nobody likes realizing that they’re out of condoms and having to take a surprise trip to the store… or even worse, waiting a week for shipment.


Live in the moment and avoid tricky situations by simply setting up a subscription with us for automatic shipment. Each time your subscription renews, we'll send out your package to arrive in no time (discreetly, of course!)

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It's simple and easy, be sure you are always with a Moment. You can change or cancel your subscription at any time, most useful way when things get steamy.

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The condom is super sensitive and comfort and lubrication is perfect.

16 Februay 2022


Subscribing is easy for those that want to have some fun in life (you know what we mean). Go to the product page for the item you wish to subscribe to and choose the pack size. Select the subscription option and click the subscribe button. Then, navigate to your cart and complete the checkout process.

We'll dispatch your initial order within one business day, renewals will then occur according to the renewal period you selected. Our subscription service allows you to purchase condoms in the comfort of your own home without return trips for more. Buying condoms has never been so simple!

The price of delivery will depend on the item(s) you subscribe to. Orders and subscriptions over $20 qualify for completely FREE delivery. Don't forget, delivery is always discreet when you shop with us!

You may want to manage your subscription to have a better understanding of your account as a whole, which is a smart move. To manage your subscription, simply login to your account with us. Once logged in, you will be able to change the item(s) on your subscription, change the renewal frequency, change your billing and delivery information, and cancel your subscription. We can guarantee that once you begin a subscription, you’ll question why anyone would want to end it.

If you discover a new item on our website that is a must-have, we offer a swap option that allows for a change-up in products. And not only do we allow swap options, but you can also skip or cancel your subscription at any given moment. We understand your situation, and we want to be as flexible as possible. You can do this by clicking the manage button you find below your monthly product, and then by clicking on order settings.

You’re looking at that new product we’ve just released and wishing you could try it. Well, guess what? Now you can! You are now able to add one-time products to your monthly subscription. These extra items are not recurring and will ship out only once with your monthly order. There is no limit to one-time add-ons, allowing for endless possibilities of what you can try. Who knows, maybe you’ve discovered your new favorite product for a night of fun with that special somebody.

You can now use a discount code on your subscription order for better moments in the bedroom for a better deal. You can use discount codes on your first purchase of a subscription order by adding the code to the discount field at checkout. Want to use your discount against an existing subscription? No problem - just add your code to the discount field in your subscription portal.

Our subscription frequencies vary, allowing you to choose what works best for your schedule and sexual situation. For those looking for frequent fun, choose our4-week subscription and get a whole 25% discount off your order. We also offer a subscription for every 8 weeks at 20%, and for those playing it safe, we have one every 12 weeks at 15%. No option is a bad one though when you’re getting discounts!

We give you a couple of delivery frequency options — but it’s your plan, your schedule, and you can skip a shipment whenever you’d like! To update your next shipment date, simply log into your account and adjust the date of your next shipment. Even better, you can change the product only a day before the next delivery if you’re looking to mix things up. Your partner is sure to love the surprise!