Explore the depth of your sensitivity through these 9 zones

Today we bring you the zones of sensuality in our bodies. Let’s face it, no matter how much we think we know our body, we can learn something new about it, if we choose to explore it.

Erogenous zones are some parts of our body that are very sensitive. These areas might have some nerve endings which make their sensitivity a little extra. During sex, we try to hit these places to create that ‘umph’ of pleasure. You can pretty much understand how important these zones in your body are to live an amazing sex life.

Statistics tell us that about half of the women are not entirely satisfied with sex and around 10-15% of women never even had an orgasm. You need to understand your own body better to have a good time in bed. You need to understand the body of your partners as well to give them the best time as well. Hence, here we give you 9 erogenous zones you need to surely give a little extra attention to the next time you and your partner are in bed :

You probably have heard about the very obvious erogenous zones around our body, the penis, or the vagina. However, there are a few erogenous zones associated with the penis and vagina that are extremely underappreciated. Let’s talk about them –

1. Foreskin
There is a large portion of men in the world who don’t have foreskin, but there’s another huge portion that does have it. For the sake of the guys out there who have it, we should get to know about it. The foreskin is the thin layer of skin covering about 15 square inches of area of your man’s penis. The foreskin has many nerve endings which makes it extremely sensitive.
How to stimulate: Try teasing this part with your fingers and stimulating it with your hands. The best way you can stimulate it is by moving it up and down the entire penis.

2. Clitoris
Even though we have said it before, we will say it again, the clitoris of a woman’s body is one of the most underappreciated part during sex. It contains the most nerve endings, about 8000. Studies say that around ¾ of women don’t reach the big O with just penetrative sex. These women have said that their orgasm only happens by some form of stimulation on their clitoris. You should have realized by now how much importance this part of the woman’s body deserves during sex.
How to stimulate: Clitoris is a highly sensitive area of the vagina. Any form of stimulation with your hands, or even toys at times can make you see great results. Trust us, and give your partner’s clitoris a little more attention and you will not be disappointed.

Now let’s see the erogenous zones that are not so well known. Some of you might know about them, but as they are not talked about enough, a lot of you might not know. Here are a few of them –

3. Ears
Your ears are extremely sensitive parts of your body, and know why? Because there are tons of sensory receptors on the outside and the inside of your ears. That’s why it can tickle or make you feel all tingly when someone whispers in your ears. Ears are very sensitive to touch and should not be neglected during sex.
How to stimulate: You can caress the outer side of your partner’s ears by running your fingers. You can kiss, bite or nibble on it. Maybe whispers some naughty things in his ears. Try these and thank us later.

4. Nape of the neck
We know about the neck, and we surely go for it during sex, but we tend to overlook the nape of the neck. It is one spot that is extremely ignored, but it has many nerve endings and proper stimulation to the area increases blood flow exponentially. It is extremely sensitive to touch.
How to stimulate: Find the end of the hairline, start by stroking gently or by running your fingers seductively on the area. Then you can kiss the area passionately and then lick it gently.

5. Bellybutton
The belly button or the area around the belly button can be pretty sensitive due to it being close to the genitals. However, again, this is another area that is extremely overlooked. This area is a turn-on for both men and women, but the belly button is mostly overlooked in men. You can do plenty of stimulating stuff around the area.
How to stimulate: You can start by caressing the area with your fingers, then you can kiss or stimulate with your tongue. If both of you are comfortable enough, you can play around with ice cubes or other things like chocolate sauce. We don’t need to tell you how sensual it can be when you lick off the chocolate sauce, and as the area is sensitive, your partner will respond well to the temperature difference.

6. Lower back
The lower back is the area that’s situated just below the spinal cord. Do you know about the pudendal nerve? This nerve helps with stimulation in the groin area. Your lower back is the home of this particular nerve. It can be extremely sensitive to touch and you can do tons of stuff around the area.
How to stimulate: Make your partner lie on their back, start running your finger from the upper part of the spinal cord and go down the bottom of it and start to tease the particular area. Then you can kiss or simply brush your lips around the area, and end by reaching for the butt cheeks. Like the belly button, you can play around with ice cubes or by brushing feathers around the area.

Lastly, we will tell you about the 3 erogenous zones that will surely be a pleasant surprise for you. Don’t forget them the next time you’re in bed with your partner –

7. Around the Adam’s apple
Surprising, isn’t it? As it turns out, Adam’s apple on your man’s throat is situated right above the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland produces hormones that influence the sexual organs of your body and the pleasure you get. Bet you didn’t know about this, huh? If you did, then kudos to you. Your man must be extremely happy with you.
How to stimulate: You can run your fingers seductively below Adam’s apple, or you can suckle gently on the area. Try this on your man the next time during sex.

8. Armpits
We know what you’re thinking. Armpits are supposed to be ticklish, not sensual, right? A proper stimulation in the armpits can be very sensual for your partner. It does not include any nerve endings, but the area is sensitive, and that’s why playing and trading the area will easily turn your partner on.
How to stimulate: Armpits are ticklish, so applying the right amount of pressure to the area to stimulate is necessary. You can also kiss or lick the area to tease.

We know by some famous sayings that, ‘knowledge is power’ and ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Now we won’t tell you how to fulfill your responsibility with this great knowledge of the above-mentioned erogenous zones. However, we will tell you that great sex life is what lies ahead of you now that you’ve gained this knowledge.

Tell us your most sensual zone

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