Fully vegan, but not the edible kind. Our condoms are vegan because they’re made with organic products that are certified by The Vegan Society and Vegan.Org. Our condoms do NOT contain any animal by-products such as casein (often found in other condoms) and our condoms are NOT tested on animals. Do the deed knowing you’re waste-free.

It’s a genuine question, and we have a genuine answer. It’s important to have lubrication when using condoms, or your night may end up worse than hoped. That’s why Moments Condoms uses an industry-grade, pure silicone oil. It’ll keep things smooth throughout the night.

Don’t worry, everything in our condoms is natural and organic. Our condoms are made from premium natural rubber latex, dusted with cornstarch, and lubricated with silicone. We provide only the best for you and your partner. We’re the home of premium quality condoms. Good sex calls for even better protection.

No matter your type, our condoms have you covered. Literally. Our condoms can be used for any type of sex your heart desires. We suggest using plenty of lube for an enjoyable experience.

Lucky for you, thinner condoms are no more likely to break than regular condoms, meaning you can feel safer while feeling better (down there). Rest assured that you’re well-protected during your fun times.

It’s custom to go digging through your bedside drawer for a condom when things begin to heat up. As long as your drawer is cool and dry, it’s no issue. Just be sure that there’s no direct sunlight and don’t fold or bend it. If you don’t have anywhere to keep them, we recommend using our Moments Dotted Tin or Moments Ultimate Tin.

Did someone say chocolate? Yes, we did. Our range of flavored condoms is completely safe for all kinds of sex. Be sure to check for allergies. You’ll be amazed though; our flavors are so good you might want to take a bite.

Get ready for a fun night with the lubrication our condoms provide. Though most of our condoms are lubricated as per market standards, our Ultra Thins range comes with approx. 40% more lubrication. This means 40% more fun in our book!

Our condoms are all sent in discreet packaging, so you won’t need to worry about any sneaky housemates finding them. But we believe in being proud of taking control of our sexual health.

The size is the best part and it’s all about the width.
Standard: Nominal width = 53mm
Large Size: Nominal width = 56mm
Extra Large Size: Nominal width = 60mm

The better the quality of the condom, the better the quality of the sex… sometimes. We process our condoms from premium quality natural rubber latex, designed to provide you with the best experience possible. Our condoms are electronically tested for complete reliability and are manufactured to surpass ISO 4074, WHO specifications, and other standards.

Unfortunately, no contraceptive can provide 100% protection against unintended pregnancy, HIV, or STI’s, not even the best condom in the world. Ours brings the closest results though. When used correctly, Moments Condoms offer the best protection against STIs and are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy.

It’s a given, but it’s designed to make your sex life fun and child-free. We obtain premium quality, natural latex which is used for the production of our condoms and certified by Fair Rubber e.V.(

Not only do they taste good, our condoms also smell good. One of our customers’ favorite aspects of our condoms is that they don’t have a rubber latex smell- instead, we use vanilla masking.