Sustainable Packaging

At Moments, we work with your sex life in mind. Not like that though. What we mean is that we work to provide you with the best sex life possible by producing high-quality, premium-made condoms that will keep you protected. Everything starts and ends with a purpose within our production. Moments is deeply committed to the principles of sustainability, with a focus on People, Product, and Planet. We firmly believe that our actions should not only benefit our business but also have a positive impact on the well-being of individuals, the quality of our products, and the health of our planet. We prioritize eco-friendly products with high quality and minimal environmental impact.

Vegan Friendly

Our methods take into consideration the health of both humans and animals. Our condoms are certified by Vegan Society, since we refrain from the usage of casein or any other animal product in our production. Casein which is a derivative of milk protein. Some other condom brands include Casein as a way of softening the latex, however, we have found vegan-friendly alternative production methods which achieve the same result. Also, there is no animal testing done in the manufacturing process or at our production facility, or in the sourcing of any raw materials.

No Harmful Chemicals & Non GMO

As mentioned, it’s only the best for our customers. Our condoms are made from premium quality natural rubber latex, providing more natural pleasure. Our condoms are vegan-friendly and non-GMO. They do not contain gluten, parabens, spermicide, Nonoxynol-9, glycerin, or animal products.

“This is our condom of choice. For both of us, this one feels like there’s nothing there. According to my partner, this is the closest to wearing nothing that he’s felt.”

Final Takeaway

It's time to get out the lingerie, dig through the dresser drawer for your Moments Condom, and have a great night. We are proud to be helping people take control of their sex life while becoming an industry leader in sustainability.

Our effort in eco-friendly practices is one step in making this world a better place. We hope you hold us to our commitment by providing feedback along the way, as we continue to work towards our mission. Now go have a good great time!