Who carries protection? – Andi Lew

When it comes to intimacy and protection: It’s not so much stigma, but rather social culture that’s created a society of women saying “Oh, don’t worry about it then” and men saying, “She’ll be right mate!”

For some reason social culture has had us all still feeling like the man needs to be the one that pays for the date, and whilst that topic is still controversial, and we are all changing rapidly with how we court or date, we have still been relying on the man to pay for and have the protection on hand.

Is this the same way we expected him to pay or open our car doors? It’s the problem that we coupled carrying condoms all under with chivalry umbrella.

Whilst this is all lovely and a romanticism view on where we get our raincoats from in the bedroom, chivalrous acts and protective ways, are not what the men are always thinking about when they “quick draw McGraw” your protection. They’re often hoping you’ll take it off mid act or deny the use completely. Having said that, you’re always going to find a ‘good egg’, in the mix of men you’re going to date. You just want to make sure his man love doesn’t meet your eggs, unless you’ve had a conversation about that!

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None the less, the way we think it’s going to happen, and the way it happens, are two different things. We get stuck in the illusion of how our “heat of the moment” goes and if the man doesn’t have a condom, it’s not only about the notion of an unwanted pregnancy, but also, you’re changing your health, self-worth, sacred body by taking risks!

When a brand like Australian owned; Moments not only creates a culture of women to feel empowered to BYO, but also makes cute AF packaging for the 3 in a tin pack, we don’t really have any excuses.

I mean, if he doesn’t want to share sacred space with you because you presented your classy, female empowered Moments flavoured or fun ribbed tin pack gifts you’re contributing to the good times, then do you really want to date this person?
How will it make you feel being rejected for being the proactive and organized one?

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If it’s all about pleasure, then the date box has you covered. No pun intended!
With lubricant wipes that bring the heat and stroke the fire massage oil, your partner will be arranging date night a little more often!

We are all super organized when it comes to something we really want or for our beauty appointments and so this is no different.

Get prepared and start planning to carry your box of fun.

Remember that safe times are good times.

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Andi Lew appears on several US and Australian TV shows and hosts her own live streaming Wellness Show with Kalkine Media.

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