Pivot and protect – by our resident wellness expert Andi Lew

Pivot & Protect ! You’re well and truly into the flow of our new worldwide lock down laws. During this time, you may have been in “flight, fight or freeze mode”, which is a term used when one experiences trauma. During flight, you’ll want to run away from responsibility, reality, or anything else, fight for your family, rights or business, or freeze into a state of numbness. This is a grief state when we are at a loss or sense of fear.

Fear can be paralyzing. In fact, Hitler used fear as a powerful tool in WW2, because people don’t resist when in a state of fear. You might now start to be coming out of the above states and may have begun questioning your future, agendas, rights and direction.


Are you pivoting and are you protected? We are all about that. At Moments, we are a movement that empowers you to make conscious and healthy choices that will help you feel protected when in a pivotal moment. From first base to second and third can happen quickly and we keep reminding you how when you take charge, you are in charge.

Have you started feeling in charge of your new normal now? If not, what can you do? Whilst it’s an important to take down time, it’s not healthy to stay feeling down. As a certified wellness coach, I want to remind you that you are only going to feel paralyzed with emotion or lack of, when you’re not protected, prepared or in a state of fear.

Pivoting can only occur when you see opportunities in the place of uncertainty or pain. So, let’s go through my top 5 tips for pivoting during lockdown.

1. Know what you can control and what you can’t.

If you need to be self-isolated still, then find ways to be social. We are still able to go for daily walks. Meet a friend to do this with safely. We need social stimulation to stimulate the vagus nerve. This helps us boost our immune system too.
If you want to feel like exercising your rights and are getting frustrated with censorship, there’s Ministers you can write to, questions you can ask and support groups to join. DM me on IG @andi.lew and I’ll put you in touch.

2. Love your fate.

“Amor Fati” means lover of one’s fate. Don’t just surrender and accept. Actually, love what’s happening and help shape this world change for the greater good. Love that we will now make more conscious decisions, be more mindful in business and our health choices and start to be more proactive when it comes to health.

3. Create and learn.

Use this time to study something new. Learn more about how our body heals, works and how you can support it. There’s a myriad of health professionals that are now teaching what they know about how to boost your immune system. I’ll happily direct you to videos and pages.

4. Pivot your business to become a solution to a problem.

We will always have money to spend on necessities. We are finally understanding what’s important to us now. We are shifting out the negative or unnecessary.
Health has been crucial and now it’s imminent, not wearing protection during sex is just not acceptable and now more so than ever.
What can you offer and what problem can you solve?

Change is good. Life has always been uncertain. Embrace it but be protected and prepared.
Join the moments movement. Stay in the moment because that’s where peace lies.

In optimal health
Andi Lew