Moments Condoms Pleasure Toys Review

We sent self love coach Trisha Schwarz our pleasure toys to review and this what she said about them:

Many moments of pleasure...

I received my Moments Condom’s pleasure toy parcel with all 4 toys from them directly as a sponsored bundle review. As always, my reviews are my own honest opinions.

Watch my YouTube review video: Here

Pleasure toy details & review

Shipping: Shipping was fast and discreet. All it stated was that it was from the sender “moments” – which could mean anything really. But in this case, moments condoms! They are Australian based but ship internationally. Free shipping for Australian orders above $20 and internationally free for orders above $50.

Package: All 4 toys were stored in the parcel box. Each toy was wrapped in a separate box, which was wrapped in plastic and in a another box, plastic and another box (let’s just say – a lot of packaging..) You are definitely sure that this is sealed & new. But I believe, you could reduce some of the plastic for the environment. When I mentioned this to Moments Condoms they stated this wouldn’t be the case for a normal order (it happened due to the fact I m a pleasure toy reviewer). Each box includes a welcome card, an instruction card, charging cable, the toy & more lose deco plastic. 

Manufacture: didn’t state

What is it?: Moments Condoms are known for their premium quality condoms. But now, they have released 4 pleasure toys too! All 4 of them are small vibrators. All 4 of them can be used solo but also in partner play. Ultimately, they can be enjoyed by anyone.

CEO (green/yellow): The CEO is a small palm sized tongue shaped vibrator (the tip of the toy vibrates) that can be used on the clit, against the vulva or any other spot on the body as long as it is safe to do so. You could also the tip of the toy to slide in and out your vagina. It is not recommended for internal back door pleasure though, because it has no base. But back door externally with lot of lube is fine.

Vibin’ (purple): The Vibin’ is a small palm sized vibe that can be used on any part of the body externally (as long as it’s safe to do so), such as nipples, vulva etc. It is not recommended for internal vagina or back door play. Its shape is great to be used to grind or hold against the clit and vulva. It comes with a remote control.

Mood (orange): The mood is a double ended vibrator (with two vibrating ends). It comes with a remote control. It can be used on any part on the body externally, as long as it is safe to do so & can also be used internally, vagina or backdoor. Though, if you use it for back door, make sure you don’t insert the whole Mood and only one end of it. 

Baddie (blue): The Baddie is a small vibe with two soft silicone tips and a flexible silicone ring. It can be used externally on any part on your body (nipples, penis, vulva..) that you please, as long as it is safe to do so. It is not recommended for internal pleasure, no back door or vagina play. It comes with a remote control. 

Material: All 4 toys are made from silicone & all 4 feel amazingly smooth and soft. They have chosen some great silicone. Each toy has their own colour as a toy with the right packaging. 


· CEO: 97.5 x 41 x 27.7 mm

· Vibin’: 90 x 48.5 x 37 mm

· Mood: 88 x 56 x 27 mm

· Baddie: 50 x 95 x 28 mm


CEO: The CEO provides 10 different vibration patterns. It has one button, which can be used to switch on/off by holing it for a few seconds and short press to change the vibration pattern. 

Vibin: Vibin’ provides 10 different vibration patterns, which can be controlled via the button directly on the vibin’ or the remote control. On the Vibin’ directly hold the button for a few seconds to switch on/off and short press to change the vibration patterns. On the remote control switch it on/off with the first button and use the wave button to change the patterns. The body has to be switched on/off as well. Remote control distance is 10m. 

Mood: The Mood provides 10 different vibration patterns, which can be controlled via the button directly on the body or via the remote control. The Mood can be switched on/off via the button by holding it for a few seconds. Change of patterns via short press. To use the remote control, use the on/off button on the remote control and the wave button to change the patterns. Remote control distance is 10m.

Baddie: The Baddie provides 10 different vibration patterns, which can be controlled with the remote control (2 buttons). Switch on the Baddie via the button on the side and then switch on the remote control by holding the on/off button for a few seconds. Use the wave button the remote control to change the vibration patterns. Switch both off when done.

Noise: They all state to be super quiet. I found CEO to be the quietest one of them four. Check out my review video to hear for yourself.

Charging: All 4 vibrators are rechargeable via USB cable. The remote controls are battery operated. 

· The CEO charges between 100-120min & can be used for about 70-90min pleasure fun. 

· Vibin’ charges between 80-100min with 90-120min pleasure time. 

· The Mood charges for about 70 min with 45min pleasure time.

· The Baddie charges for about 100min with about 45min pleasure fun. 

Waterproof: CEO, Vibin’ & Mood are IPX7 waterproof & the Baddie is IPX5 waterproof. So, they can be enjoyed under the shower if you like to. I have not taken them under the shower, but cleaning them with soapy water was fine & they still worked afterwards.

Care: You can clean them with mild soapy warm water and let them air dry/use a certain cloth to dry or you can use a compatible toy cleaner. Always clean your toys before and after use & as often as you need to in between. This is important for your own safety and to get the most out of the toys. All 4 have been very easy to clean. 

Storage: Unfortunately, they didn’t come with any storage bags. I would have preferred a storage bag for each toy instead of so much packaging. The toys are best to store in a dry and dark place, not touching other toys preferably. 

Lube: Due to the fact that it is made from silicone, I used water-based lube to make it a sliding experience. 

My experience summary: Wow, ok, where to start… I had a lot of pleasure dates with the 4 of them. Some dates enjoying them separately and some dates I had multiple of them at the same time, because why not. They are all really cute. I like the colour choices and the names – great marketing. The silicone of each their toys is super smooth and soft – some great quality in my opinion. The supplied instruction cards didn’t exactly state how the toys could be used. However, their website states more in regards to this, which a customer will most likely look at before buying anyway. It is great that they all have 10 different vibe functions and the possibility of using a remote control, especially great when playing with a partner. The vibe noise is adequate for its size. 

CEO: OMG wow. I loved the CEO. It is palm size and its shape was just great to hold but also to use externally on my clit. With some movement and different pressures applied, I had an intense orgasm with CEO.

Vibin’: Vibin’ reminds me a little bit on a little bigger panty vibe. It snugs perfectly onto my vulva and clit area. It sits nicely in my hand. I needed some time to find a way to stimulate myself with it though. Finallly, with some pressure applied and some movements (I was grinding against it at some stage), I was able to orgasm after a loooong while. I preferred using the button on the toy directly. 

Mood: Mood can be used great with a partner but also solo. I only used it solo. It is pretty flexible and adjusted to my shape and body easily. I like the thicker end. I have to say the ends covering my clit area are a little big for my personal liking. Unfortunately, I get quickly overstimulated or not stimulated at the right place from a vibe when the area is covering too much/is too big. Hence, why I couldn’t orgasm. The types of toys can be great “couple toys” to give both some extra sensation while penetrating though. 

Baddie: I’m not sure about the silicone p-ring, as I obviously cannot physically wear it. It seems to be an average size of ring with a little bit of flexibility to it. It will probably sit nicely with the attached vibrating ends and the vibrating body, providing stimulation all around the penis and more. Personally, I was able to use the two pin point vibrating ends for some pleasure externally on my vulva and clit until I orgasmed. The pin point ends are more to my liking compared to the Mood. Although it was interesting/unusual to hold with the ring on the other end. 

Overall, all of them are great beginner vibes in my opinion. They give some great options for various likings. They can also be great vibes for travel/on the go, although, you would need to come up with a storage bag, because they are not supplied (unfortunately). 

Costs: You can get them from Moments Condoms directly for 

· CEO $85

· Vibin’ $90

· Mood $120

· Baddie $85

In my opinion, these are set within a normal price range for pleasure products. 

Trisha is a solo poly bi single mum, 35, who dates pleasure toys. She is also a Self-love Coach and her mission is to normalize self-pleasure & the use of body safe pleasure toys & products. Trisha can be found at @_trishaslife on Instagram. The original blog post can be seen here