How to delay climaxing during sex using condoms

For most men, there is a lot of performance anxiety during sex. There are plenty of insecurities and the fear of not being able to satisfy their partners. This is especially prevalent in those who orgasm relatively quicker than their partner. Climaxing for men can be a deal breaker. Unlike women who can have multiple orgasms in a single session, men can sustain only one at a time and take all the more time and effort to regain arousal levels close enough for them to orgasm again.


A Condom Is More Than Safety Gear

Discussions on matters of sex, condoms, unwanted pregnancies and even sexual health are limited to locker rooms and closed cabins. These issues are, however, widely discussed and debated on amongst young adults today because of the exposure brought about by the entertainment industry and the internet. ‘How to delay climaxing in bed’ comes under one of the top incognito Google searches as early ejaculation affects 20-30 % of men from time to time.  A condom is a barrier method of contraception and a safety aid from Sexually Transmitted Diseases. This barrier between the body of the one wearing it and his partner ensures that there is less sensation and friction keeping the man wearing it from reaching an orgasm too soon.

Although the aim and the end result of a complete sexual encounter is an orgasm, there is no rush in reaching that state and enjoying the journey as much as the destination. Sex ensures butterflies in your belly and in a conscious effort to make the happy hours happier, condoms provide some assistance in elongating the time taken to climax.

Use It In Case Of Premature Ejaculation

According to doctors, men are hardwired for quick releases similar to our animal relatives. Using even the thinnest condoms can cut back on some sensation and help delay the time taken to reach an orgasm. Some condoms have a small amount of Benzocaine at the tapering end of the condom that is able to virtually numb the head of the penis (where the maximum number of nerve endings are present) and hold up the man in reaching the zenith of his sexual experience.

Get Creative, Wear A Condom

For a man, being able to elongate his sexual experience is a win-win situation for his partner as well as for himself. He gets his confidence back after being able to satisfy his mate and at the same time is able to orgasm whenever he wants to. There are various tricks and techniques to make sex more fun and creative. Because let us face it, there is more to condoms than just being protected from STDs and unwanted pregnancies. The lowered sensitivity levels also give room to perform avant-garde sexual activities in bed. You can be more flexible with your kinkiness and creativity in bed and make the most of the moment before reaching an orgasm and putting an end to it all in one go. So condoms not only make sex worry-free from STIs and unwanted pregnancies, but they are also effective in making your sexual experience more pleasurable.

Condoms come in different sizes, colours and flavours, and even textures. At Moments Condoms we understand and respect the fact that sexual pleasure is a serious issue that needs to be discussed and well, practised even more! Sexual desire is an intrinsic, more animalistic component of us and most romantic relationships have sexual satisfaction as the prime cornerstone even though it might not always be openly discussed. Maintaining arousal in bed and delaying the orgasm is a priceless way to draw the maximum pleasure out of sex!

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