Top 8 excuses you will hear from a guy about condoms – and how to respond

Okay, we need to talk about protection, excuses and sex. We want you to understand that when a guy has an excuse not to wear a condom, that is NOT okay.

But, we know a lot of you ladies have heard some pretty lame excuses from your man (or the man from the bar) to not cover his stump before you hump.

As a Moments community, we want to help you well prepare yourself for the top excuses we are hearing for not wearing a condom, so let’s have a look at the top eight!



1. The famous “I am allergic to silicon”

Oh, come on, please! Did you know that around 4 percent of the population IN THE WORLD are allergic to latex used in condoms? Honestly, he would have a higher chance of being struck by lightning than he is to be allergic. So tell him that, he is still adamant he is allergic, he can get a check to find out if he actually is!

2.”I can’t get it up”

Mate, that is all a mentality! He can’t get it up because he gets in his head about the whole process. Or it isn’t the condoms fault he can’t keep it hard… just saying. If he really thinks about it too much, of course, he won’t be able to get it up. Maybe he needs to be more mindful! Plus, if it is a one night stand and you have had a few drinks, it could be the alcohol problem… not the condoms.

3.”It just doesn’t feel the same. It feels better without”

You know what you need to tell him here. Yeah, it does feel better, but an STI will feel worse. Like come on man “wrap your dick, so you don’t get sick”, it isn’t rocket science, it is called health!

4.”I don’t have anything, I have been checked”

LOL! Yeah, this one is a classic if you barely know the person. Say this one “yeah because I know you enough to 100% trust what you are saying as fact”. Babe, no! Whether you have known the person for years or hours, it doesn’t matter, protect yourself!

5.”It doesn’t fit”

Whip out the facts to him…. Condoms fit almost any size penis! If a penis can hold all that water, it can fit into a condom! It is very rare for an average male to have a penis too large for normal-sized condoms – you can be the judge of that, does it look XL? Either way, you can buy bigger sizes!

6.”I haven’t put one of these on in years”

Yep, cool story! Lucky for the internet it can teach you how to do it! Or if you know how, you can always do it for him! That could be a turn on for him too! But honestly, this is a horrible excuse!

7.”I want to feel like I’m inside of you”

Okay, two things with this… 1. He may try to say it in a way that will make it sound like it is romantic or super important for him (NO) and 2. Once things get heated, he won’t even notice, and it will feel like he is inside you, because he is!!! If he is that concerned, ultra-thin condoms are the way to go!

8.”I’m really good at pulling out”

WOW no not the point!! This one is actually the worst and should make you angry. This is NOT a thing, plus it isn’t just babies he should be worried about. What about old mate STI?! HELLO!

Final thoughts 

The moral to the story, tell him to stop being silly and cover his willy. I’m sure he doesn’t want to be a loner so he will cover his boner. You just need to be confident and don’t “go with the flow” because you are scared to speak up.

If he thinks it doesn’t “feel good”, use more lubricant, this will help with any friction caused by the condom. At the end of the day, you should make it clear – condom or nothing, and we are confident we know what option he will choose. 

Make sure you tell him “no glove, no love”. It is your body, you have the choice, not one person should impact your decision to have safe sex. 

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