A Moments Pleasure Toy Guide

We want to make choosing and using pleasure toys a breeze, so we decided to bring you “The Moments Guide to our Pleasure Toys!” (Or as we like to call it… a vibe check on our vibes) We’ll go one by one in explaining their features, how you can get the most out of them, and our hottest recommendations on different ways to use them. 

All our pleasure toys are waterproof, have 10 different vibration settings and have the convenience of USB battery charging, so you can use them wherever and whenever you want! As always, bringing lube to the party is a great choice, and we recommend using water-based lubricants with our pleasure toys, as opposed to oil and silicone lubricants which can damage pleasure toys over time. 


Mood is our favourite ultra soft vibe with two ends for double the fun! Like all our other pleasure toys, she’s waterproof so you can take her into the bath, the shower – wherever your heart desires. Mood can be used by yourself in your alone time, or with a partner too. Mood comes with a remote, so you, or your partner can experiment with all the different 10 vibration patterns with ease.

Both ends of the toy vibrate so you can experiment with having one end stimulating internally, while the other end stimulates externally! If that isn’t your thing, you can use Mood during foreplay to stimulate the nipples, or during penetration to stimulate your clit at the same time! You can use Mood for anal play as well, just make sure you’re only inserting one end at any given time.


Baddie is our fabulous pleasure toy that is the perfect introduction for couples wanting to incorporate pleasure toys into the bedroom. Baddie features two vibrating tips that are perfect for holding onto the external areas of your body for some intense pleasure. 

Many people have the misconception that cock rings are only used in the case of erectile dysfunction, however you can use cock rings to make an erection stronger, firmer, and longer lasting regardless of if you or your partner experiences ED! Because Baddie has those vibrating tips, it can also provide stimulation to the partner receiving the penetration at the same time. Baddie comes with a remote control so you can control the strength and intensity of the vibrations while using it as well. 


Vibin’ is another fun pleasure toy that is perfect for solo and couple play! It again features 10 different vibration modes, as well as a wireless remote control so your partner can surprise you by turning it on when you're out at dinner - how spicy! We recommend Vibin’ be used for external stimulation only, so you can play around with different ways to hold Vibin’ to your clit, vulva, or nipples. Because it doesn’t have a flared base, we don’t recommend it for internal anal play, however its curved shape makes it a great beginner friendly vibe and allows it to mould to all the right places! 


For those who are fans of oral sex, CEO is our favourite tongue shaped vibrator that is bound to give you all the good feels that oral sex does. CEO is palm shaped and flexible so it’s easy to manipulate to hit all the spots that you’re after. The vibrating tip is perfect for any external stimulation, nipples, vulva, clit, etc. but we love to use it for clitoral stimulation especially. You can also use CEO alongside penetrative sex with a partner to help you reach climax. 

Again, all our pleasure toys have those 10 different vibration modes so you can really experiment with all the different kinds of vibrations and see which ones you like!

Remember, this blog is only a guide on how to use our pleasure toys, we encourage you to explore creative ways to safely use our toys. To maintain your Moments pleasure toy, we recommend you clean the toy with warm water and mild soap after every use and place it back in its satin storage bag once cleaned.