CEO Review by Cindra Banks

Well it has to be right? It’s that good. And you will be wanting to use this over and over. 

The size, the shape, the colour and obviously the FEEL is such a vibe (excuse the pun). 

When I got the CEO out of the snazzy box it came in, I was immediately wowed at the soft,  smooth feel. Until my friend’s cat decided to give it a chew but that’s another story. Luckily I  tested it before that! Take heed of this story and don’t leave your vibes where pets might like to  play with them. 

Anyway, back to the CEO experience. The feel is just luxurious and it is perfectly palm size, a  great feature for using during partnered penetrative sex. This vibe is so easy to use, and relatively  discreet too, you can just cup in your palm and hold on and around your clit in most positions. 

The vibe settings are more than sufficient, and for people with sensitive clits, you can hold it just a  little bit off the body or even put your hand between it and you. This will also give you more  longevity because honestly this thing will make you orgasm VERY quickly and powerfully! 

I love the curved shape, it seems to sit well on the pubic mound to give a yummy sensation there  too and with a bit of hand movement, you’ve got yourself a pleasure party in your pants. 

The CEO isn’t particularly loud, so if you do need to sneak a sexy sesh in, you can do it under the  covers of your bed without being detected. Handy for those with kids or limited privacy from their  partners. 

I called my partner in for some help with this one, as I wanted her opinion too. She, like me, gave  it raving reviews and we even played with it together, teasing each other and trying different  positions and different settings! I mean why just restrict the CEO to solo play, why not share the  fun? 

Refer back to my first Moments blogs for more tips on how to introduce toys into the bedroom,  because I know this can be a challenge for many vulva-owners. 

The battery seems to last for many a good time, and unlike other toys in my collection, it doesn’t  suddenly turn on in your luggage when travelling, which is very convenient. It’s small and easily  portable with its charging cable, I have travelled the world with the CEO

One last tip from a sex coach, vibes are extremely fun and pleasurable, and the CEO is no  exception. Hands down my fave and I have been sent a lot. Just be mindful with your vibe usage,  try to mix in some non-vibe self pleasure sessions in between using the vibrating toys. Play with  going slower, using hands and experimenting with what feels good and how you cum. Bringing some variation into your self pleasure sessions will make the times you do use your vibe, even  more special and satisfying. 


This piece was written by Sex Coach Cindra Banks. As well as being a sex coach, Cindra currently owns her own podcast 'Lets Get It On'. Available on Spotify and Apple Music. Cindra aims to help open-minded people have fun, playful & easy relationships, through better intimacy & clearer communication. You can find her @cindrabanks on Instagram.