Which Moment is right for you? The Low-down on our Latex Condoms

If you’re preparing for a special night in the bedroom with a loved one, or maybe just caught up in the moment with someone on a whim, the number one importance is protection (after consent of course). To avoid unexpected pregnancies, unwanted diseases, and potential injury, using a condom is one of the best go-to’s.

Condoms are made of latex, lambskin, and synthetic materials – which may be preferred by different people. 

Moments Condoms is all about making the good times, safe times. Designed for pleasure and durability, two things you absolutely want in the bedroom, we use premium quality latex, and test each and every one of our condoms so there won’t be any unwanted surprises. All condoms are Individually electronically tested & hermetically sealed for maximum dependability.

There is no absolute rule on which condoms suit the best. You need to experiment a bit and try it out. Size isn’t everything, but finding the right size is important when it comes to finding the right condom. Next is what type of condoms – the material, lubrication, texture, potential flavour, or thickness.

1. Ultra-Thin– Extra Lubricated
Live out intimate moments with your loved ones by using ultra-thin condoms. We’ve created this product for a more sensual feeling and the pleasure of making love in a safe way. Once you feel the sensation, you’ll never go back to normal condoms.

Include Moments Condoms in your bedroom etiquette with maximum style and thought to your partner’s needs. Ultra-thin condoms help to maximize pleasure and ease-of-use as they are coated with extra lubrication for better performance.

They come in 3 different sizes – Regular (width is 53mm), Large (width is 56mm) and Extra Large (width is 60mm). They are also VEGAN condoms. This non-spermicidal condom comes in a straight fit with 45% more lubrication than our other condoms. All Ultra thins are natural in colour.

2. Dotted
Enjoy a little extra friction in the bedroom? Our Dotted condoms will liven up the ride and end in an explosive feeling.

There is a reason why dotted condoms came into existence, and that reason is the pure pleasure of maximizing friction. They can be used by couples seeking an extra dose of stimulation to generate a deeper, more sensual response from both partners. Moments Dotted condoms are like a double-edged sword- maximum safety, maximum sensation in one pack.

It comes in regular size (53mm) with long-lasting, non-spermicidal lubrication and natural in colour.

3. Ultimate
There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned horizontal dance, right? Our Ultimate Condoms will cover you on the bed (or floor, or shower, or the back of a car). These are three-in-one condoms – dotted, ribbed and smooth.

So, guess what? The Ultimate Condoms are good for your conscience, your sexual health, and your overall sexual experience! Take the party from the club to your bedroom and spend your night in pleasure with our amazing Moments Condoms.

It comes in regular size (53mm) with long-lasting, non-spermicidal lubrication and natural in colour.

4. Flavoured
We offer 4 different flavoured condoms for that extra spice and taste in the bedroom. All come in our regular (53 mm) size and will turn your night from predictable to wild!

> Cola – Have your very own grown-up cola stick! Make the most of this delightful flavour and make your pleasurable moments even more delicious! When Pemberton discovered the ‘cola’ flavour in 1863, little did he know how far and deep it would reach! Moments Condoms are here with a range of cola-flavoured condoms. You’ve never tasted cola so sweet and satisfiying! The condom is natural in colour.

> Watermelon – It’s juicy, it’s refreshing, and well… it’s big! Moments Watermelon Flavoured Condoms are for those precious moments you really want to relax and enjoy your time in bed! This one’s for the summer of 69 and made to combat the steamy heat and friction in your bedroom. Just like watermelon itself – juicy, refreshing, vibrant, and large, Moment’s watermelon flavoured condoms are custom-made for those who like their bedroom adventures to be cool, yet full of the warmth of lovemaking! The condom is natural in colour.

> Strawberry – Tease your partner’s senses with a rich, fruity blast of flavour. Sensually flavoured with juicy strawberries, Moments Strawberry Condoms are perfect for a delicious sexual indulgence. Did you know strawberries and roses come from the same family? And what’s more romantic than a bouquet of roses? A mouthful of strawberries! Redefine the art of lovemaking with a punch of strawberry flavour. Add a berry fruity blast to your naughty pleasures with Moments Strawberry flavoured condoms. The condoms is red in colour

> Chocolate – 37 degrees Celsius – That’s the normal body temperature and the temperature that chocolate begins to melt, creating a warm, sensual taste, feeling, and atmosphere. Raise the temperature in your bedroom with the delicious flavour of love. Add a twist of sweetness to your dark fantasies with Moments Chocolate-flavoured condoms. Ignite your passion for each other with the sinful indulgence of rich, sensuous chocolate made for your mutual satisfaction. The condom is brown in colour.

5. Red
For those special times of the year, make it even more special! Play the cupid this Valentine’s Day and choose Red! Take in the Red deep into you until you cause a passionate spurt of mad love rush! We are talking about the Cupid piercing the red heart with his love arrow! What were you thinking of?
It comes in regular size (53mm) with a long-lasting, non-spermicidal lubrication and it is red in colour.

6. Tin Packs
If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, or all three, we offer exclusive boutique tin packs which contain 3 condoms of our best sellers – Ultra-thin, Dotted, and Ultimate. This makes your condoms easy to carry by fitting in handbags, purses, and pockets, for no matter the location you may need them in. The tin pack can be re-stocked with other varieties of Moments condoms based on your mood, creating a completely personalized experience for you and your partner.

You want to stay safe. So do we. Is it a date? Keeping your down-below happy, we’re helping you enjoy all the benefits of a night of passion, without the risks. Think game-changing ribbed condoms, premium-quality flavoured condoms, and ultra-thin extra lubricated, keeping those unwelcome surprises firmly at bay. Fewer slip-ups, more moments to daydream about in the office.