Women survival to dating in the age of hookups

My thoughts while online dating: “Oh my God, I’m going to be single my entire life.” Anon.  This one is to cherish all those who still wish to acquaint themselves to other beings and long for a connection. To the brave women who date in the age of hookups, raise your glass!

The alluring and peculiar world of dating recently experienced a huge shift as its millennial inhabitants decided to stir up old dynamics. In this newfound realm, a few odd ones are stuck in a loop where pretty much everyone else wants to pick something casual as they wait for ‘the one.’

With the sorcery that capitalism is, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it is grabbing individuals one by one with its charm. Casual sex seems like a reasonable option given the crazy, tiresome schedules that people work. Some people find it convenient to make up and break up over their phone screens – without even a face to face conversation.

We kid you not, finding the courage to date in this era can be a bittersweet experience, to say the least.

And since we at Moments are dedicated to the women who are exceptional at juggling things – sexual health and relationships make up a huge part of the deal. Ladies, it is time to take the baton into your hands and make a run for the win. Our condoms are specially designed for those very dates, to ensure your safety against vicious infections and unbearable stress.

There has been a turn of chapters ever since receptivity to sexuality found willing arms. Needless to say, it comes with immense hope for women to experiment, play around, and take matters into their own hands.

As you stand at complex crossroads with the likes of Tinder and Bumble, we are here to offer you survival tips

  1. Tell Someone Before You Step Out

Pertaining to your safety, this is perhaps the most important point you need to take into consideration. We are not trying to frighten you or mess with the butterflies, but we did grow up watching Criminal Minds. It is imperative that you inform at least 1-2 friends before you get out of that door.

Sure, they’re handsome, but it’s a security measure every person must take when they step out of the house. Crimes aside, if you ever find yourself stuck in a corner, you know there is some respite in the help of a friend.

  1. Say yes to public spaces

Women have fought tooth and nail for decades to claw their way out of oppressive forces. Regrettably, it also makes them vulnerable to downright envy and hatred. And in rare cases, you’ve encountered a creep. To guard you against those painfully awkward meetings, public spaces prove to be a great choice. With the potential of being next to a stranger with no sign of mankind around, an adorable cafe does sound like a better deal.

21st century dating 😉

  1. Speak Up

There are blurred lines that mark the territory of consent. The expectation of partaking in casual sex is tenfold because of applications like tinder that work on such premises. Naturally, knowing when to say no to advances can often be a grey area for most youngsters – all that freedom sure does come with a buttload of responsibility. If you ever find yourself in war with your intuition, don’t fight it; chances are, your gut is on your side. No invariably means no, peeps.

  1. Are You Prepared?

When you’re set to meet the attractive stranger, who gets your hormones haywired, often the ground rules slip out of conscious territory. If sex is on the table, you have got to prepared. It works best in your favour if you choose to not rely on the other for protection. Simple fix: carry your own condoms! You can forget nasty STDs and relish your time together by being in charge of your sexual health.

  1. You Go, Girl!

The taboo of sex has found a grave in this brave new world. Especially when it comes to women – we ought to celebrate the glorious fight feminists fought. To honour the same and in the spirit of our philosophy, allow us to remind you that your life is special. We can only hope that you remember what you’re worth as you find what works for your body best. Whatever it may be, we hope it turns into one hell of a memory.

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