Are latex condoms effective? Are they always necessary? Getting familiar with condoms

Are condoms effective? Are they always necessary? What is the correct way to put one on? Only two species on the face of the earth have sex for pleasure – humans, and dolphins! Well, dolphins have limited options for contraception but humans are blessed with funky, textured and innovative condoms!

Condoms are worn by men during sexual intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Infections. They are the third most popular choice of contraception amongst men and women after female sterilization (29.5%) and oral contraception pills (28.5%). Condoms are one of the most effective contraceptives with failure rates as low as 2-3%.


What Is It Made Of?
Most condoms are made of latex or polyurethane. That’s right, the same material Kim Kardashian has a lot of dresses in!

Concerning texture, one can find the outer surface of the condoms to be straight-sided, contoured, ribbed, sensitive or smooth. The insides and the outsides of a condom are usually coated with lubricant or spermicides. The structure can be either blunt on end or have what is called as a reservoir tip to make room for pre-cum.

Julius Schmid was the guy to come with the first condom. Latex condoms account for most of today’s market. Rubber latex is a naturally existing material and is preferred for its heightened elasticity that gives the condom flexibility and ease of wearing. Some brands even add talc, lubricants and spermicidal gels. All condoms go through stringent testing before they are qualified for market sale, so convincing the potential clients about the effectiveness of the condom is lesser of a challenge than building brand loyalty.

Pick Yourself The Right Rubber, Mate!
Choosing the right length of the condom is usually a sufficient task to get yourself the right condom. Condoms may vary in length, diameter and elasticity and knowing your size is recommended before going condom shopping. In other words, buying a condom may be like buying a pair of socks – it is important to get the right fit or it can lead to unexplained discomfort.

Checklist Before Choosing The Best One For Yourself:
• Throw away a condom with an expiry date. An outdated condom may not only be ineffective but may also be carrying harmful bacteria. The goal is to save yourself from STIs, and an expired condom might just ensure you get another type of infection.
• If your condom has been underwater, or in your back pocket for a fairly long time, we’d suggest you replace it with a new one to prevent using a dry and infection-filled condom.
• Do not use teeth or scissors to open a condom packet as there is a possibility that you tear apart the condom itself. Use your fingers and keep away any sharp objects like rings, overgrown nails, etc.
• Make sure you wear the condom only on a fully erect penis. Wearing the condom on a penis that is not 100% erect can result in some air bubbles later which may even make your condom burst!
• After sex and successfully reaching an orgasm, make sure that the condom is removed from the base rather than from the tip. It is also important to remove it right after you climax and before the penis gets back to the flaccid state. Carefully dispose of the condom and its contents without transferring them to other places.

A condom in bright colours adorned with scintillating and pleasurable texture is a fun and safe way of having sex! Kinkiness further increases when both partners invest time and passion in wearing of the condom.

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