5 tips to get your sexual health in check

When it comes to your personal health goals for 2018, you’ve no doubt got the yoga class booked: check. Green smoothie diet taken care of: check. Yummy organic veggie bowl for lunch: check. Sexual health in order: check?

While many of us are good at changing things like our diet when it comes to healthier living, we often let an important aspect of our health fall off the radar – our sexual health. So, what better way to ensure the year gets off to a flying start than by getting your sexual health in check with these five top tips.

  1. Speak to a doctor and have check-ups

Whether it’s an ache or pain, an annoying niggle or something that doesn’t quite feel right, you need to know when to talk to a doctor. When having sex, recurring or persistent pain can be a sign of a more ominous problem and shouldn’t be ignored. While most of us think we know our bodies, it pays to have regular check-ups with the experts and get a clean bill of health, so that we can continue to have fun in the bedroom.

  1. Talk to – and listen to – your partner

While it can sometimes be a bit awkward, you need to be comfortable talking about sex with your partner and listening to their wants and needs – it’s key to keeping the relationship on track! Things change in our lives, including our sexual likes and dislikes, turn-ons and turn-offs, so don’t forget to keep the lines of communication open, talk to them about your sexual health (and theirs), and maintain healthy and honest sexual relations.

  1. Get informed and boost your know-how

Sexual health remains a taboo topic of conversation for many people, which means a lack of understanding and knowledge of sexual health issues and how to beat them. It’s easy to brush it off and think that sexual health problems will only happen to other people, not us, so the key to getting your sexual health in check is to become more informed. You don’t need to have an embarrassing conversation with the doctor, there are some great resources out there on the Internet so do your research and get in the know!

  1. Look after yourself

Aside from a healthy diet, there are other important ways to look after yourself… Exercise more regularly and get the right amount of sleep each night. Try to quit smoking and drink less alcohol – both can be bad for libido and cause a range of health problems. Did you also know that stress can cause sexual disorders? Try to keep it outside the bedroom and focus on the positive things in your life.

  1. Use protection – always!

At the end of the day, being prepared and using protection is one of the best tips we can give. If you think that sex is about to happen, then be ready for it by carrying condoms, taking the pill, or basically doing whatever works best for you. You’re in charge of your own sexual health so take responsibility, don’t be embarrassed, and make the fun times safe times!