Seven ways to spice up your sex life in time for christmas

Tis’ the season! It is time to be jolly. After the winter period, there is no better time of year than the festive season. But with the Christmas parties, family gatherings and all the running around to get organised, sometimes our sex life can suffer.

NOT anymore!! Make sure you take the time to schedule date night with your partner, but instead of being nice this Christmas, let’s get a bit naughty and spice things up.

After all, it will be silly not to start 2020 off with a BANG…

So here at Moments, we have created the seven best ways to spice up your sex life this Christmas – after all, it is a great time of year to start experimenting…

1. Why not be Santa’s little helper in a Christmas themed outfit?
Dreaming of a WHITE Christmas? Try something new in the bedroom with a bit of lingerie or a sexy Christmas outfit. Mrs Claus, Mr Claus – let’s step up a notch. Nothing gets you in the mood more than your partner looking sexy in something different. Or if that isn’t your thing, try a funny costume, if you and your partner have a sense of humour it will definitely get you in the mood.

2. XXXmas Sexting
Sexting, sexy banter, whatever floats your boat. Start revving each other up with a bit of banter. You know your partner; you know what type of banter they like. Or maybe send them a message during the day to get them geared up for the night ahead. You don’t have to be corny, reminisce on a sexy time together or send them a funny/sexy message.

If you have any creative Christmas kicky but funny messages to inspire others, share them below! Let’s have some fun with this!

3. ‘Bad’ Santa
Forget Kris Kringle. Organise yourself and your partner to buy each other a ‘sexy’ gift in the lead up to Christmas. You can go shopping together for this or make it a surprise. Plan a date night where you give each other the gift and use them on the night too…

4. Get out of Santa’s workshop
Forget the bedroom, try somewhere new! The kitchen table? Or the shower? Maybe even under the Christmas tree? Keep it interesting and fun! Of course, make sure no one is home if you are looking to have a session on the kitchen floor!

5. Home Alone – Christmas party for two!
Go full Kevin McCallister, do something fun together before you actually have sex! Go on a date, cook at home, watch some “Christmas” movies. Spend time together pre-getting frisky. So if you have kids, get someone to take care of them for the night! Make it a special party for two…. “Merry Christmas you filthy animals” ;)… it certainly will make for a Happy New Year!

6. On the 10th day of Christmas…drag it out
Take your time actually to take part in having sex. Just like you were younger, the lead up to Christmas was SUPER exciting. Extend your foreplay, do some teasing and get both of you in the mood! It will make for more intense sex.

7. Christmas has cum early…
Before you jump into the sheets and try to have the same type of sex you normally do. Sit down and chat about your fantasies. Be open and also be open to what your partner has to say (without feeling pressured). Then if you both agree, plan to take part in each other’s fantasies – you will learn a lot more about your partner this way! Make it a kinky Christmas present for each other! Don’t be shy…

Jingle ALL the way…

Have a look at your options and what works best for both you and your partner! Just make sure you are having open and honest conversations about what you both want in your sexual relationship.

Sex in a relationship is important, it is the way you connect on levels you don’t connect with any other person you have relationships with – so make it a priority.

Take some of these ideas into 2020 and start having more enjoyable and fun sex! But remember always be safe. At Moments we are all about fun, but we also want people to look after their health and be safe at the same time.

Try our fun range of condoms and get ready to spice things up! To learn more about our range, please click here! Merry Christmas everyone…check the message from Mrs Claus:-)