Respect and love is for all

Respect, Know your Worth, Love for All and Fearless…..we at Moments Condoms live by that. The LGBTQI community across Australia (in fact, the world) look forward to a familiar celebrity face to help them come out of their own closet and gather the courage to speak about the various mental and physical issues. This is because of the overarching impact they have on their fans.


At the core of Moments Condoms’ support for this iconic celebration of Australia’s LGBTQI community is the desire of the Moment Condoms’ team to empower all Australians to protect their sexual health and to make informed decisions surrounding it.

We were so proud to be the exclusive condom supplier at the 2019 Sydney Mardi Gras, and those moments of celebrating love for all is close honour hearts.

The opportunity for our brand to really impact attendees and leave a lasting impression is something the Moments Condoms team worked hard to prepare for, and it showed on execution! As well as handouts Moments Condoms were also placed in every bathroom and exit at the Mardi Gras After-Party

Moments Condoms’ partnership with the SGLMG is one of many we happily hold. As well as the SGLMG, Moments Condoms’ is a supporter of the McGrath Foundation, International Aids Society, the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, Women’s Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West, and Build Your Sexual Intelligence.

Here are a few popular and influential Aussie celebrities who have come out clean about their sexuality and also support it in their own unique way:

 Portia de Rossi
Portia is one of the most influential and popular Australian celebrities who has come out of the closet with none other than Ellen de Genres. She is one of the most popular and followed lesbian actresses across the world, and she carries herself with tremendous ease and poise. In her public appearances, she notes that it was “strange” for her to admit at the beginning of her career in 2005 that she was a lesbian. The Australian sweetheart admits that she knew no celebrity lesbian who was vocal about her sexuality. Like most queer people across the globe, she too confessed she needed an inspirational face before she could come out of the closet herself.
Well, as we all know, soon enough she fell in love with Ellen and became the face of Australian confidence! In her own words, she says “I really, honestly think that anybody who is openly gay and visible is powerful. It doesn’t matter what you do, you are impacting people.”

 Sia Furler
There are different spectrums in LGBTQ- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer or Questioning and Sia falls in the last one of them. The globally recognized singer is all gaga about her dating life. After rumours started circulating that she might be dating Robert Pattinson, she took on to Twitter to clarify saying that “As much as I love dick, I am not dating Robert Pattinson.” She went on to say in another Tweet that she does not identify herself as a lesbian, as she has a history of dating men and well as women.
Sia Furler says she’s rather “queer” and does not feel her sexuality confined to lesbian or bi-sexual characteristics.

 Chris Hemsworth
Thor really has a strong hammer and an even stronger heart. Australian to the core, he has publicly supported LGBTQI rights and has advocated equal rights for members belonging to this community. “Dear open-minded, free-speaking, laid-back, life-loving Aussies,” he said. “Marriage is about love and commitment and, in a country based on equal citizenship, it should be available to everyone! Vote now for marriage equality.” The actor tweeted this with regard to the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to decide on the legalization policies of Gay marriage in the country.
His fans ‘hammered’ him with a loud and friendly response and cheers to the Tweet, marriage with who so ever you like, irrespective of the gender and sex, is very much possible in Australia today!

 Margot Robbie
The Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie stole hearts with her cute smile and made a brave move by flag bearing the ‘Say I Do Down Under’ campaign that supports same-sex marriage in Australia. She further has been active on Instagram with posts that read the caption “Love is love” attached with a link that urges her Aussie fans overseas to join her in supporting same-sex marriage.

It’s raining rainbows in the celebrity land! More and more actors, singers, Youtubers and even politicians are coming out as people with unconventional sexual orientations. The popular culture celebrities are increasingly getting more comfortable talking about sexual health and sexual confidence. We love the changing dynamics that all this is playing for people in real life!




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