Unwanted pregnancies – how condoms can prevent sexual disasters

Condoms can make sex feel better, look better, and be better! They not only prevent unwanted pregnancies but also save you from getting nasty Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). They come in different colours, sizes and textures ( and are designed to fit all-male body types. A rubber is so good, it might even be a status symbol for a sexually active adult.


Condoms In Spite Of All Other Precautions!
Even if the female is taking oral contraception or is using contraceptive patches, it is still highly advisable to use a condom as a preventive measure to catching STDs and STIs. Condoms are much cheaper than a hefty cheque from your gynae. They can easily be bought from various online shops, NGOs or your local pharmacy. If you’re in high school, there is a high chance your school has a facility of giving out free condoms.

Condoms Are Sexy!
Have sex in the sexiest and safest way! Wearing a condom can be a little bit of a mood killer in between the act, however, there are ways of making it a fun activity for both the partners (or for all, if more are involved #the_more_the_merrier).
Because who doesn’t like a sensual touch down there and what’s sexier than having it wrapped around with the help of your partner. Condoms can be a vital part of an exciting and interesting foreplay, especially if you top it with a lubricating gel.

One Condom, Many Functions
Condoms can be used during various types and kinds of penetration activities. They can be used during oral, vaginal and anal sex. This is also the reason why condoms are popular among a wide variety of people with varying (sometimes, even confusing) sexual orientations. Good news, you can go as kinky and wild as you want and still be unaffected by the prickly diseases and the shame that comes with them.

Up The Cool Quotient With The Condom
Today, it is widely considered as “uncool” if you are not a fan of condoms. Safe sex is a modern and sexy way of respecting your loved one as well as yourself. It communicates that you are ethical and knowledgeable enough to believe that sex is pleasurable and fun only when it is healthy and safe.

Fandom For Condom
We’re a huge fan of condoms simply because it ensures all worries go out of the window! Because let’s face it, we have enough things to worry about at the workplace and in our personal lives. When it is time to hit the bar or come home to our lady love, the last thing we want on our plate is another thing to worry about.

Imagine expressing your passion in foreplay and swiftly moving on to the final step and suddenly realising that your partner may have had an orgasm inside of you or has a funny rash on his tool. Both of you would fall into the guilt trap as well as get super anxious about what may lie ahead causing much displeasure right after a seemingly good time.

Entirely External, Entirely Efficient
Condoms, unlike oral pills, a shot, an Intra Uterine Device, spermicidal gels or an implant that prevents pregnancy are a totally external barrier that has no side effects. Not only is it one of the most efficient ways of combating unwanted pregnancies, STIs and STDs, it is also the most preferred amongst those who are prone to catch easy allergies. Few men are allergic to latex-made condoms and replace them with plastic ones.

Condoms are a perfect accompaniment for your bedroom activities and ensure that you do not leave the space with any worries. They are inexpensive, extremely effective and even come in different flavours to help you have sex that is both metaphorically and literally delicious!