The top 7 podcasts to empower your sex life

Who doesn’t love a good podcasts? Whether you drive to work, catch public transport or like to educate yourself while you take the doggo for a walk, a podcast is a great way to learn something new and keep your brain active!

What better way to sex educate yourself (sexucate), than in the privacy of your own headphones!! Plus, there is a range to suit everyone’s taste!

So, here at Moments, we have put together a list of our favourite sex-related podcasts for you to download!

Make sure you share your favourite on your IG stories and tag us! We want to know which ones you enjoyed the most. These are in no particular order! is a pod where, as these ladies both say, “nothing is off limits”. They take about all things daily grind including sex, relationships and dating! You will learn a lot from this great podcast! And you can also find more from their Instagram feed!



From one of our favourites at Moments, this is a part educational and part sexy podcast. Dr Nikki provides the goods with her take on sex culture. This is an eye-opening podcast where the known and surprising topics are discussed. Twice voted Australia’s Best Sex Educator she’s young, bright, honest and already has a credible background many peers would envy.

A podcast hosted by two young women (Corrine Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson) from NYC, this podcast is funny, educational and sassy in one! The goal for this pod is to change the way we all think about female sexuality, and it aims to promote sex-positivity.These two are stand-up comedians, so you are guaranteed to laugh! They have a mixture of guests on the show around sexual health, taboo sex topics and on some occasions guys they’ve slept with, hence the title!

For a little bit more humour and entertainment, My Dad Wrote a Porno is a great podcast and is ALWAYS seen in the charts! To sum it up, Jamie Morton’s Dad wrote a “dirty book” so each week he reads a chapter with the help of his friends (Jamie Morton and James Cooper) and  and co-host Alice Levine. This is a great listen for some entertainment in the ears! He learns a lot about his Dad on this podcast journey.

Unlike the title suggests, you don’t actually have sex with Emily, but this sexpert and sex columnist gives your ALL the info you need! From the bedroom to beyond, she has so many hot topics she discusses and isn’t just for those in a relationship or those looking for one-night stands, she covers the lot!



Talk about also covering it ALL, Sex Positive Me explores everything from Fetishes and BDSM to LGBTQ issues and sexual beliefs and preferences! Great hosts Angelique Luna and John C Luna

Whether it is the reality or myths around sex, this podcast covers it all!! They have a mission to educate, entertain and be the advocates for sexual freedom, and we are LOVING this podcast!

This podcast mixes two of our favourite things, sex and travel! You can expect a lot of different elements to this show where the host, Chris Sowa goes around the world and look at the sex culture! You will get a lot of education on how people around the world engage in sex! For something a little different, have a listen.

If you are a globetrotter, you don’t want to leave this one out!


Now we LOVE this one because, of course, it is making the topic of sex shameless, which it should be!! From self-love to relationships with others, this pod is about two women who aren’t afraid to talk about the details of their own sex life, and we are all about this!! Plus, Amy Baldwin and April Lampert also give amazing advice!


Although this show isn’t currently airing new episodes (as of March 2020), it is a great listen! With Amber Rose and Dr Chris as the hosts of the show, you will get a lot of good feelings from this one! Both share a lot about their own sex lives and give much-needed advice to others! A great sex-positive show.






So, what are you waiting for?? Get downloading, we want to know which one is your favourite!