• Moments Mood sex toy for increased pleasure for both
  • Packaging box labeled with the 'Mood' brand Moments sex toy
  • Moments Mood sex toy with back of packaging
  • Moments Mood sex toy features
  • Vibrator with 10 different vibration settings
  • Moments Sex vibrator suitable for individual or couples play
  • Dual-ended vibrator designed for enhancing pleasure
  • Waterproof vibrator with IPX7 rating waterproof


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Product Features

  • Pleasure: Ultra-soft finishing with vibrating tips at both ends provides enhanced stimulation
  • Mood Experience: Features 10 different vibration modes with wireless remote control
  • Convenience: USB battery charging and ergonomic design
  • Usage: Upto 45 minutes of pleasurable usage with every full charge
  • Waterproof and latex free: IPX7 waterproof, high quality grade soft silicone and easy to clean
  • Perfect to be used with MOMENTS condoms
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  • High Quality

  • Latex Free

  • Soft Silicone

  • Waterproof

Note: Always use your toy with plenty of water-based lubricant.

Instruction Manual

“This is our condom of choice. For both of us, this one feels like there’s nothing there. According to my partner, this is the closest to wearing nothing that he’s felt.”

This is why you’ll love it

This toy is made for when you’re in the mood. It’s safe, it’s reliable, and it’s everything you could’ve wanted and more in sex. Get in the mood with this vibrator.

Designed for the ladies, Mood isn’t your average sex toy—it has two separate ends for double the fun! Mood is waterproof and created with soft silicone, guaranteeing fun and spice wherever you may find it. When you’re in the mood and craving more, simply use the USB charging and prepare yourself for round 2 (or 3… or 4!) Indulge in the sensations and play with the settings to reach levels of ecstasy that you haven’t before.

For when you’re feeling cheeky and bold, our Mood toy is waiting for you. You deserve a life of fun, excitement, and pleasure– find it here