5 summer festival essentials

To bring in the new year we teamed up with the crew at Beyond The Valley Festival to spread the good word of knowing your worth and enjoying safe sex.  The fun-filled festival featured an awesome line-up including The Presets, heart throb Matt Corby, Stormzy, PNAU, Little Dragon, Mura Masa and so much more!

Over the four days we were there in the thick of the crowd handing out freebies. Well, surely there were some tent parties going on?! Lucky festival glampers even had their own Moments supply to greet them when bedtime (eventually) rolled around.

With the summer festival season still well underway, here are our essential tips for making sure nothing gets in the way of a good time:

  1. Cleanliness is next to godliness, wouldn’t you agree?! Bring your hand sanitizer and hand wipes to deal with those icky public toilet situations.
  2. Stock up on chewing gum. We might not always feel the freshest, but our breath can be.
  3. Be sun smart – Rudolph is so last month! Slip, slop and slap to avoid that awkward red nose burn.
  4. Carry lip balm. Who knows when you’ll bump into someone you fancy getting closer to. Keep lips moisturised and hook-up ready, all day long.
  5. Be prepared with protection. You know the drill; carry condoms and keep whatever happens at the festival, at the festival!