Why there should be more condoms options for women in stores

When was the last time you looked at the supermarket or pharmacy shelves to purchase your contraception? Are the condoms options enough?

Even if you buy online, there will come a time where a dash to the supermarket for a packet of condoms is needed – I mean, if we have to wait for postage for sex, it might be a while (but not with Moments)

As we at Moments scan the supermarket and pharmacy shelves, we feel us women aren’t really represented in the condom range.

Take a look next time you are at Woolies or Coles, let us know if you feel the same. But as strong, independent women – it is time we take control over our sexual health and have more representation on the in store shelves.

We are taking control over our contraception

Surveys through recent years have shown an increase in the percentage of women buying condoms. Of course, males are seeing a higher purchase rate, but it is time for us to take control over the contraception we have on hand.

If women aren’t taking the pill or aren’t taking any hormonal contraceptives (because let’s face it, we don’t have to put things in our bodies all the time to prevent pregnancy). But regardless, even if we are taking hormonal birth control, we will have STIs we need to protect ourselves from.

We don’t have to rely on the guys to have condoms. We can take control and purchase them ourselves. If we have brands in the supermarket that we like, trust and feel comfortable with – it is a better experience for something that can be a little awkward.

We are ready to take control of our health

It is no real secret, women tend to go to the doctors more than men. There are so many internal and external reasons for this.

Of course this doesn’t mean men do not value their health (of course they do) but we know women are big advocates for their health. So when it comes to sexual health, we are ready to have access to condoms that allow us to put our health first.

Allowing multiple options across online and in store allows us as women to take control over the health (and sexual health) choices we have. This includes condoms specially designed for women in mind and condoms which support women.

We want to feel empowered and supported. As you may have heard us tell you, 68% of women say they aren’t completely comfortable buying condoms. It’s time for that to change. It’s time to use your power and protect it.

When we feel empowered and supported by brands (and people) who understand us, it makes it easier for us as women to feel confident to go for the job promotion or buy condoms in a supermarket.

Just think about this for a minute. To protect the health and wellbeing of women, it makes sense to give us options we feel comfortable with. Some women feel awkward and embarrassed to buy condoms in store (and as we mentioned waiting for an online delivery is not always feasible), so if we provide brands that are targeted directly at women and their own needs, it can be a much supportive environment.

The outcome from this is, less unwanted pregnancies, and less STIs = better health for women.

We want to be educated

We don’t know how much research you have done around hormonal contraception, but maybe this book by Lara Briden can help you.

Being more educated around the types of contraception offered for women allows us to all make educated decisions. Sometimes the pill is not the best answer for our bodies, so women look for alternative options to help with their overall health.

At Moments, we are SUPER focussed on educating women around all things sex, health and empowerment. Education is key for good health and wellbeing, so we want to be there in the supermarkets as a friendly face to support women with their sexual health choices.

Supermarket brands are more male focussed and have male-centric packaging.

As we mentioned earlier, when shopping at the supermarket shelves, we see black condom packaging, pictures of males, six packs and the like. Although it is nice to have some abs on our condoms, it is hard not to feel unsupported (as women) by these condom brands.

It almost feels wrong to buy them. If we walked in and saw light packaging and women centric branding, it would be a more enjoyable experience buying that condom that can really make a difference in our sex lives and sexual health.

Final thoughts

Come on Woolies and Coles, it is time for women to feel confident in taking control over their sex lives! It is time we had a familiar brand ready to help us fight off STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

37% of you said you’ve had unprotected sex in the last month, so no judgement but that’s A LOT of near misses. Why risk your health?
At Moments our true passion and reason for being is to empower women to celebrate and protect their sexual health. At Moments, we believe that women should feel confident purchasing condoms and have no hesitation when deciding to make the good times, safe times.

Who would like to see us on your supermarket and pharmacy shelves? Join the Moments Movement – share this and help us support you and your sexy journey. Send us email on