There’s a real possibility you may have been put off condoms because you had to roll them onto bananas during your high school sex-ed class. Sound familiar?

Or maybe you’ve had a sexual partner tell you that it just doesn’t feel as good with a condom on?

No matter what myths you’ve been sold, condoms don’t have to be unsexy and they definitely don’t mean you can’t have sex that feels just as good!

For one thing, if you’re worried about catching an STI or falling pregnant during unprotected sex, your body is gonna go into a stress response and inhibit your ability to feel pleasure.

Also, caring about your own sexual health as well as that of your partners? That’s sexy AF.

But if you need any more reasons to bring some pleasure and passion into the bedroom, Moments have got you covered with these tips and tricks.


Change up the way you put condoms on.

Just rolling on a rubber can make serious sparks fly, so it might be time to change up the way you and your partner do it.

You can try using your mouth, your breasts if you’ve got ‘em, or your feet if your partner’s into that too.

Have fun, and take the time to experiment to see what works best for you both.

Sample new flavours.

Tease your partner’s senses with rich, fruity, fun bursts of flavours in the bedroom.
Strawberry, chocolate, even watermelon—you name it and there’s probably a condom flavour for it.
Moments Condoms even have co

ndoms that taste like a refreshing glass of Coca Cola… don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.


Spice it up with a Moments Date Box.

This lil’ box of good

ies from Moments is literally everything you’re gonna need and want to shake things up.

Not only has it got the necessary and best protection, it’s also got Fire Starter Linen Mist and scented candles to set the mood, illuminating body glitter and luxe massage oil to play with, and more!


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