When your ghoster submarines – by Andi Lew

Where’d They Go? Who cares? You’ll never know. That’s Ghosting.
Let’s get totally transparent about ghosting culture. It’s become normal, and left us a little broken or perplexed, but who’s to blame? Why do we care? 

How you do anything, is how you do everything so when the culture of Ghosting really took hold, I delved into who’s to blame? The chapter in this explores tech giants and how we are programmed into “blocking”, “deleting”, “unfriending”, “scrolling on” behaviour.


We’ve all had an experience where someone you’re chatting to, just vanishes into thin air, without explanation. ‘Where’d They Go? Bringing light to Ghosting Culture, is my 9th book, proudly sponsored by Moments, and I partnered with the female empowerment brand because when your ghoster submarines you because they’ve resurfaced, you might need to remember that safe times are good times.
Moments is a movement. It’s been encouraging us for years to take charge and be safe.

This in turn, translates into how we interact in real life. It can also have an effect on how we share our sacred space. Being protected and prepared is a must.
How we interact or date and which red flags we ignore will set the tone for our self respect in intimacy.How can you relax and really take charge unless you know you don’t have any problems to think about when the moment is done?

When Casper returns to haunt, just remember that the choices you make today, affect your life tomorrow. Besides safety, get into a sweaty palmed conversation too. We are all only one sweaty palmed conversation away from all finding love. My 9th health title explores a light and insightful look on a serious mental health subject.


Being ghosted can leave you feeling lost, low self worth and low self esteem, which is exactly why I felt compelled to write “Where’d They Go?” Are we well equipped to be able to communicate well? Is the other person combative and therefore Ghosting is best because they won’t be open to resolution and surrendering to your choice to end things?

Try to be light in your dealings with communication. You might want to text your ‘ghoster’ a message letting them know you’re cool with whatever they want to share. Or for ego’s sake you could say, “I thought Casper was supposed to be friendly?” Or “this is Boo-Sheet”!

How we leave someone says a lot about who we are. Sometimes Ghosting is good. You may be being disrespected or unsafe. However whatever your decision, if your lover comes back to haunt, it’s your opportunity to get transparent!

Orbitting is another term used when your ghoster hovers over you, watching your every move on social media. You thought they blocked you but now you find them watching your stories. There’s many reasons they’ll orbit. Perhaps they want to get a reaction from you, perhaps they really do care or maybe they accidentally pressed the circle and it let to the next and they accidentally watched your story. The key is to care less. You’re too busy living your inspired destiny to notice!

Andi Lew appears on several US and Australian TV shows and hosts her own live streaming Wellness Show with Kalkine Media.

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