The moments guide to killer dating rules and how to take the lead

“Dating has taught me what I want and don’t want, who I am, and who I want to be” — Jennifer Love Hewitt

In a world that constantly tries to undermine our decision-making capacities, contemplating a tryst with potential lovers can be a tough one to beat. We do believe in the majestic power of scintillating feelings and stirred up endorphins, but Moments will be there to put your needs and safety above a fleeting romance or a lasting affair. If we don’t look out for each other, ladies, who will?

It would be a lie of crazy proportions if we said first dates are supposed to be a breeze. Every individual has the nerves that keep one up at night wondering who is going to make the first move. We propose you help us create a world where we, as women, put our needs first.

Butterflies aside, there is something that has tainted generations of women throughout their existence. Yep, you guessed that right – our sexuality and wellbeing. And perhaps, it is time we break those barriers.

And that’s where Moments condoms step into the picture. Oftentimes (a girl can wish,) a riveting date turns into a steamy encounter within hours. A dream come true but if things go north, our condoms promises you protection against nasty infections and awkwardness.

A 2017 study from Queensland University of Technology looked at the preferences and dating habits of 41,000 Australians over four months and found that online dating has actually caused people to dramatically change their standards or disregard them completely – Tinder

Let us sit down with our diaries and our bold ideas to plan a date that dances to your tune. With the guarantee of specially designed condoms, a closet full of gorgeous clothes, and a mind filled with naughty ideas, about time women took the lead in the romance department. God knows, we definitely do it better anyway!


1. Keep it personal

Dating is an eccentric concept, to say the least. Analogically, it resonates with your trip to the ice cream parlor – perhaps that Ben and Jerry’s isn’t as good as it seems? More power to you if you decided to go and try flavors out! So, our number one tip would be to keep it personal.

Pick what excites you most – a charming dinner, a walk under the stars, or binge-watching the star wars series. Keep your partner in the loop and voila, you’re all set for an adventure!

2. Be Involved

Pretty much every woman who comes with dating stories to tell, shirks at the thought of those that were dull, lifeless and just straight up boring. We’re warning you against a date that can quickly fall to ruins within minutes once the attraction fades. So, snatch the ball into your court and spice it up with a conversation!

It’s a simple trick – ask questions. The downside? You leave the room disinterested. Upside? You get to put your moves to good use.

3. You’re a Catch

Standards that must be met can not only be scarring to one’s self-concept but also a cause of unbearable anxiety. And one of the things that get lost in the war of gender discrimination is the worth of a woman. If you decide to take something from these tips, let it be this reminder that you are worth nothing but the very best.

Damn right, we are referring to the perfect partner! They do exist and you deserve nothing but that. If somebody shows up to prove otherwise, hold on to that sass and pride and walk away and if not, you`re leading the majors, girl.

4. Have a Plan B

We cannot emphasize the importance of a plan B enough. Contrary to our desires, sometimes our plans don’t end up meeting the necessary requisites. For those rainy days, always have a plan B. You don’t want to leave your date hanging and sulking seldom offers respite.

Can’t go out to that cafe you adore? Stay in and hog on nachos instead!

5. End the date the right way

As eccentric as they may, dates allow you to have a glimpse of someone else’s life. Sometimes, we don’t like what we see and other times, it could lead to something strangely exciting and familiar. It is imperative that you get a hold of it and do justice to not only that shooting oxytocin, but also your safety.

Remember to color your date with a bucket-load of respect for your partner and your own self. And who knows, that date number #2 might be in order!