How to get back in the mood for sex when seeing your partner all the time

We get it, COVID-19 has really put a downer on our sex drive. We are seeing our partners a lot more, if you are both working from home, or you are spending all your weekends at home, it gets HARD to “get in the mood” to have sex.

 So how can you get back in the mood when you are seeing your partner loads? We have a few tips to help you get your sex drive back even if your partner is driving you a little crazy during the isolation period!

Here are some tips, isolation style! Of course, none of us have ever experienced this before, so it is all very new to us! But, if there is one tip, we can give you, test and trial! Because this is all new to us, it isn’t like you can go and have a break from your partner and meet some girlfriends (unless you are reading this while out of lockdown).

So, here are some tips from the team at Moments!

1. Focus on some “downtime” first

Okay, you might be thinking “you are kidding me, I have LOADS of downtime”. But if you are juggling working from home, homeschooling or stressing about your job security, your future or when you will be out of lockdown – then, of course, you aren’t going to be in the mood. When we are stressed, we also tend to take it out on our partner.

Take time to have some actual downtime. Run a bath, do some meditation or write out all of your worries! Once you get all that stress off your mind, you might find it easier to get yourself in the mood to get frisky. Also, if you have had some time away from them, even if it is 30 minutes in the bath, try uninterrupted peace!

2. Do some gratitude work

Listing down or taking some time to think about all the things you are grateful for will dramatically increase your mood. There are SO many benefits for having a gratitude practice (if you don’t believe us, read more from the experts here).

If you focus your gratitude practice around your partner, it might make it a lot easier to get in the mood! If you start thinking about all the things you love about them, we are VERY positive you will be ready to get in the sheets.

How can you do this gratitude practice? You can do it in any way that feels good for you!

– Write down what you are grateful for (go to a quiet place to do this)
– Listen to music and think in your head what you are grateful for
– Do a gratitude meditation (here is one from Headspace)

Go in with an open mind and see what happens when you are done! This is also a good practice to do during these challenging times!

3. Change it up with your partner

Even in isolation changing it up in the household can have great impacts on your sex drive. Maybe you order something different on Uber Eats or cook something together you have never tried.

Look at your iso routine and look at changing it up!! Even change up the type of sex you have. Maybe you try a new position, focus more on foreplay. Do something that excites you!

We know you have had LOADS of “alone time” with your partner during isolation, but has it been quality time? Is it just doing the day to day stuff or are you sitting down and actually doing something fun together? Make this more of a priority in your week!

4. Change the location

Again, this can be hard in isolation when you only have your four walls (and maybe kids). But can you look to have sex in a different place in the house? Maybe a bath together, a shower or if you can, sex in the kitchen can be LOADS of fun!

You have to make your own fun during this time, it is hard, but it can also be the perfect time to spend it exploring your partner in new ways!

5. Incorporate some other elements

We have never had more access to other resources we can bring into the bedroom! Maybe you watch some erotic movies, porn or listen to an audio or book that gets you in the mood!

This is a time to explore what really turns you on! Maybe there are certain types of porn you like that turns you on and you didn’t know that before? This is a great time to learn what you like sexually.

6. Buy some sex toys

The sex shops are still delivering to your door! Maybe it is time to invest in some sex toys (or some different toys).

Once you shop and order what you want together, the build-up before they come to the door can be very exciting and a good mood builder. Of course, you might also look at buying some flavoured condoms to spice it up! We have a few different flavours and textures at Moments!

Final thoughts

The world of COVID-19 is a crazy time, we know this. It is all a new experience for us so it can be a challenge to navigate what is now called the “new normal”. But this doesn’t mean your relationship should suffer.

Have the conversation with your partner. Be open and talk about what you like sexually and start exploring! When you start to have this conversation, it can really work to open up your mind to “get yourself back in the mood”.

If you tried any of our above tips and had some success, make sure you email us and tell us about your experience!