Contraception culture changes – I am safe


Spokesperson Andi Lew created this “I AM SAFE” campaign to remove stigma around women carrying protection and warns of impact of female infertility when using morning after pill instead of being preventative with a condom. It was supported by MAF’s celebrity Natasha Spencer and newly announced fiancée Gary, clinical nutritionist Veronika Larisova, plus size model Amelia Stubbs, Canadian health documentary film maker Caroleen Moise, fitness model Cluadia Klein and Carlin Sterritt from The Bachelorette shot the project.

Moments Condoms is excited to open that conversation that playing safe shouldn’t be a source of shame for women, but rather an empowering and confidence inducing step to take. Safe sex is an important topic for all people, especially young women, who are most at risk of unwanted pregnancies or contracting STI’s – and our main mission in this campaign is to not only encourage women to practice safe sex, but to also push away those feelings of embarrassment.

Andi says, “As a wellness educator and health professional, I found it imperative to remove stig-ma around who carries protection. Gone are the days where we will say it doesn’t matter if the man doesn’t have a condom and opt for the ‘morning after pill instead’. Far too many women are infertile and don’t realise the impact these drugs play on the health of their hormones. It was a pleasure to have these powerful voices to call on all Australians to join the ‘Moments Movement’ and support all women to openly discuss condom use and make informed decisions with confidence.”

Managing Director and empowerment leader Nikhil Daftary says, “In 2021, there is still a gap in modern society for misinformation and embarrassment around sexual health, especially with the purchase of condoms. This stigma around sex has resulted in only 32% of Australian women feeling comfortable in buying condoms and 3 in 10 women admitting they have never purchased condoms. Resulting in sexually transmitted infections (STIs), like Chlamydia, rising to be the most common STI in Australia, with particular emphasis among young people between the ages of 15 and 25.”

Moments Condoms wanted to take this somehow still ‘taboo’ topic and flip it on its head with a powerful campaign shoot to encourage and empower all people to get behind this movement yet again. We believe women are strong, powerful and have been suppressed sexually for too long, so it’s time to take that power back all while having a little fun.

Ladies, it’s your moment to take charge and be proud to say – I AM SAFE
Join the Moments Movement and “Be Safe” with my “I Am Safe” campaign,” says the whole crew of the campaign.

Moments Condoms is a brand built on female empowerment, female health and encouraging sexual health. Sparked in Australia in 2017, Moments is a brand that has been devoted to re-move stigma around sexual health conversations.