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How to get good at stimulating your partner

A relationship does not always mean supporting each other. Sometimes, you and your partner spice things up in your bedroom too!
Sex is a big part of the everyday life of many people. If your sex life has fallen into a rut, maybe it’s time to look into some of the way you can spice it up again and bring some life back on bed! While in bed, you might be looking to fast-track your way to mutual orgasm.

But remember that the big O is not the only way to the town of pleasure-Ville. There are many ways you can stimulate your partner better and learning about these will only make both of you happier.
Following are a few methods that can help you give your partner the best time:-

best orgasm
Best Orgasm – have you had one like this?:-)

1. Foreplay

People have different sexual preferences but never miss out on foreplay. Most people avoid foreplay because they think it’s not worth investing time. Rather one can go straight to sex. However, foreplay is a great way to set the mood and heighten our sexual senses. Foreplay is generally seen as oral sex, but there is so much more than you can do. We have a few suggestions –

a) Compliment each other (you can even talk dirty if you want).
b) Stroke, stimulate and explore as many different erogenous zones as you or your partner’s body with your hands or orally.
c) Kiss each other passionately. Make it fun and sensuous.

2. Communicate

Communication is key – be it relationships or sex. Ask your partner about their fantasies. The same goes for you. It’s ok if your partner does something wrong. Communicate and correct them. Tell them the right way to use their fingers, tongue or the way to move their body. Sexual responses may seem random but each person has a set pattern which activates the subtle pleasure points. Communicating, guiding and correcting can help you and your partner get in the right flow. Praise each other – and motivate one another. Conversations can be as simple as:

a) Maybe slow it down – there’s no rush tonight.
b) Yes, continue – just like that.
c) Do you like what I’m doing?

3. Tease your partner

Yes, we all are going for the big O, but why not take our time and ease into it? Teasing can be a big turn-on. In fact, teasing does not always involve touching. Just keep your distance – and slowly strip before your partner. That can excite your partner even though they are strictly told to keep their distance, no touching (for the time being, at least).
Some best ways to tease your partner are:-

a) Masturbating in front of your partner but not allowing them to touch you but watch you is a great way to tease.
b) Before going for the genital areas or the secondary sex organs, you can play with the other erogenous zones of each other bodies.
c) Play with different sex toys – be how wild you could be with them!

4. Give erotic massages

Erotic massages can activate the pleasure points and help you relax. Set the mood – feel the air change and elevate. Let the smooth music roll, dim the lights, and rub a tinge scented massage oil – we swear it is one hell of an experience! Start with the shoulders and make your partner feel as if a burden of age is lifted from their body. Move on the arms and eventually, make the hips tingle with excitement. A few kisses at the back of the neck and ear can do wonders. Whisper your love into their ears. Let your partner relax before stimulating their erogenous zone.

Best Massage Ever
Best Massage Ever

5. Do a little role play

If both of you are comfortable doing it, a little role play can help you relive your fantasies. Don’t deny your fantasy, we know you would love to have it! If you communicate with your partner about their fantasies and tell them about yours, it only gets more engaging. It also brings an element of newness to your everyday routine. Some common fantasies may be a doctor-patient, or master-servant. A theme of dominance and submissiveness runs – so, if BDSM is your thing, Dress up according to their fantasies, be in character, and enjoy.

6. Try new things

Be open to try new things. Of course, only do them if both of you are comfortable with the new things. New elements can spice up your sex life and make it even more exciting and engaging. You can try new toys, positions or even threesomes.

These are some of the best ways you can stimulate your partner. However, before you jump into the ocean, it’s important you know about your surroundings. There are many other well-known erogenous zones of the human body such as the penis or vagina. Then there are a few more unknown ones that you should definitely learn about. Some of them are –

i) Scalp: Not everyone thinks of the scalp as an erogenous zone, but it can be a sensitive area. When your partner is down on you, run your fingers through the scalp in a petting and seductive way. See how relaxed and comfortable your partner feels.
ii) Beard: Sounds weird? Think about how good it feels when someone is running their fingers through your hair. Then why not your man’s beard? Make your fingers pass through the roots of your partner’s beard and make it tingle.
iii) Armpits: Armpits are not only ticklish but they have special nerve endings. Kiss your partner’s armpits to activate these nerves.
iv) Lower stomach: It’s the area that is right above the pubic bone and below the belly button. This area is especially pleasurable for men and you can try kissing or biting for stimulation.
v) Lower back: This area happens to be just at the bottom of the spinal cord. It holds the home for the pudendal nerve, which helps stimulate the groin area. You can surely understand how running your fingers a little seductively on the area can turn on your partner.
vi) Around Adam’s apple: Surprise, surprise. Yes, the area around Adam’s apple of your man is extremely pleasurable. Give it a try next time in bed and thank us later.
vii) Ears: No wonder, many movies show the actress nibbling on the ears of the hero! The earlobe to the inside of the ear is a place you would definitely want to explore. Kiss, bite or nibble on it to stimulate the most pleasure.
viii) Nape of the neck: The nape of the neck is actually a very sensual place that can be a turn-on for many. Try kissing or lightly brushing your lip around and you will see the result.
ix) Inner thighs: Inner thighs are one of the other places that are extremely sensual as it is very close to the genitals. Simply run your fingers through the area and maybe give some kisses for better stimulation.
x) Palm of the hand and fingertips: Fingertips are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body and the palm is as well. You can run your fingers to tickle the palm.

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Now that you know where to and how to stimulate your way through amazing sex, we hope that this can surely spice up and add new flavours to your and your partner’s sex life. Remember, the ingredients of great sex must be communicated and used in balance to have a delicious sex life. Shop Now for our Date Box – which has all ingredients for pleasure and to create unforgettable Moments!!

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