Women, rule your world

Ladies, would you agree that we’re all far more liberated and fearless than ever before? We can rule so many parts of our lives – from work and study, to relationships, and everything else in between. We work hard, we play hard, and we’re owning each and every minute of it.

But why is it that when it comes to protecting our sexual health we’ve all felt embarrassed or awkward at some point?

Hands up who would be hesitant to whip out a condom in the heat of the moment in case it made you come across as ‘easy’? Or, who would squirm (even just a little bit) if a colleague bumped into you as you paid for a box of condoms at the checkout? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

As it turns out, independent research shows that the majority (a whopping two thirds) of us aren’t very comfortable buying condoms at all, and the main reason is for fear of judgement.

We’re Moments Condoms and we believe that you should have no hesitation when deciding to make the good times, safe times.


Despite the fact that 40% of condoms in Australia are purchased by women, until now there hasn’t been a brand of condoms just for us.

We want to empower women to feel confident looking after their sexual health. While it’s easy to cross our fingers and hope for the best, STIs are something we should all care about. In Australia, not only are rates of gonorrhoea on the rise, but chlamydia is the most common STI and three-quarters of those infected are aged between 15 and 29 years old.

With Moments, there is no fluro AF, “sexy” packaging; just a discreet, minimal and fashionable design that doesn’t look out of place in your handbag alongside your phone, lippie and deodorant.

We make buying condoms as easy and carefree as possible. Our full range is available to buy online and with a few clicks it’s delivered to your door in plain packaging (win, win!).

But more importantly, we’re here to remind you that we can all feel good when it comes to leading the charge and knowing your worth.

We’re calling on you to join the Moments Movement. Let’s stand up, celebrate our sexual health and make sure that when it’s ‘on’, it’s on.