Unpacking the “I can’t orgasm with a condom on” excuse – Nadia Bokody

Unpacking the “I can’t orgasm with a condom on” excuse – Nadia Bokody

September 01, 2021

“Like you’re getting a massage while wearing a winter coat.” That’s the analogy comedian Ari Shaffir once used to describe wearing condoms, playfully jesting in the same stand-up set that men shouldn’t always have to wear them. And Shaffir’s obviously not the first guy to try and get out of using barrier protection.

The “but I can’t feel anything when I wear one/I can’t orgasm with a condom on” is a common trope among men who attempt to guilt their sexual partners into going bareback.

It’s also becoming worryingly widespread.

According to the latest data from the National Debrief Survey, a whopping 75 per cent of young Australians have recently had sex without a condom. Which is particularly concerning, given research shows STIs are currently on the rise.

The fact is, even if condoms did result in decreased sensitivity for penis owners, this wouldn’t be excuse enough to forgo one, given the risk factors involved. But while Shaffir’s description might have held true for condom wearers at one point in history, it’s certainly no longer the case today.

Advancements in condom technology mean barrier protection is thinner than ever before, allowing for heightened sensitivity and comfort.

MOMENTS offer an Ultra Thin range that even comes in Extra Large sizing, so there’s truly no excuse not to put one on. (Also, I recently put a Regular size MOMENTS condom over my foot to show just how ludicrous the suggestion is that there are guys who are simply “too big” to cover up).